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    -image-Many addicts and alcoholics find themselves in a desperate situation and they need free drug addiction help. The good new is that more and more resources are being made available to people with drug addiction problems and not a lot of money. In this article I would like to discuss a number of options for people who need drug rehabilitation services and do not have the ability to pay.Free Drug Addict HelpDrug addiction has many consequences, however one of the toughest things about dealing with addiction to drugs is that the addict often has to hit rock bottom before they are willing to do the things that they need to do to get better. For most people there is a financial element to hitting bottom. So, it is almost paradox. When the addict is ready to make a change, they no longer have the money in the bank to get the rehab services that they need. And this doesn't only apply to people abusing illegal drugs. There are alcoholics and other kind of addicts such as gamblers and sex addicts who find themselves in this exact situation.The good news is that there are becoming more and more options for free drug addiction help in the world today. I want to talk about the main three ways that a person with a drug problem can go to rehab even if they do not have health insurance or a way to pay for it.1. Free drug rehab centersMany for-profit drug rehab centers actually allow a significant portion of addicts in need to come to their rehabs free of charge. These are people on scholarship or benefiting from a tax write off for the rehab. Because so many drug rehab centers are run by addicts and alcoholics in recovery, there is understanding that many addicts just need a helping hand to get back on their feet. And these addiction treatment centers will allow people to come to the rehab free of charge.The way to find out if a drug rehab center offers a free rehab stay is to simply start looking around. These programs are not, for obvious reasons, aggressively advertised by the treatment centers themselves. However, many will make mention of such policies on their websites in the FAQ section or elsewhere. So the best way to find out if any of the drug rehab centers is your area subscribe to this way of doing business is to check online and make phone calls.2. State funded drug rehabMany states in the United States offer their residents the chance for all expense paid rehab at a state treatment center. These centers use the same techniques as the for-profit rehabs in teaching recovery principles. They can be very effective in helping addicts get off drugs. The bad news is that the number of services vary by state. Therefore, the best way to find out what services for free drug rehabilitation your state offers is to get on the health services page of your state's .gov website and check for yourself.3. Charitable rehabThe other option for addicts in need of free rehab is a charitable organization like the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army operates free rehab centers in most states in the United States and have helped millions of low income and homeless people to get off drugs for a while. You can check the Salvation Army website to see if there is a location in your state.As you can see there is free help for drug addiction if you know where to look. Free drug rehab can help give people and opportunity to get their lives and straightened out at a cost that they can afford even if they have hit rock bottom.If you are looking for more information about free help for addicts, you may be interested in these Infobarrel Articles:No Cost Drug Rehab ServicesNo Insurance Drug Rehab Centers


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