Heroin Addiction And Detox

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    -image-Heroin is an opiate that has lead to many addictions and deaths. It is a strongly addiction substance and anyone with aheroin addictionshould seek help immediately.Detox from heroinisn't fun, but it is the only way to start the recovery process and get an addicts life back on track.

    Heroin is known as an extremely addictive substance. Heroin addiction is prominent in the United States. It is a form of morphine that is derived from the seedpod of an opium poppy plant. It directly affects the central nervous system. Many users shifted from injecting heroin to snorting or smoking it due to the purity, they also believe that this is less likely to lead to an addiction. However, this thinking is very wrong. Other names that heroin goes by include Smack,Ska,Junk,Big H,Dope,Junk,Mud,Skag, and many others. There is a limitless list when it comes to street names for many drugs and heroin included.

    Some signs that someone is addicted to heroin include dry mouth, diminished mental capacity, as well as a lack of emotion. There are serious health concerns when it comes to an addiction to heroin. There are short term risks that include accidental fatal overdose as well as the increased risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Long term effects include collapsed veins, heart infections, abscesses, cellulitus, liver disease, pulmonary issues as well as overdoses. Another effect of heroin abuse depends on the actual purity of the heroin used. Street heroin may additives that are insoluble. This can lead to a build up and clogged blood vessels. This can cause infection and even death of certain tissues.

    There are many withdrawal symptoms associated with detox from heroin. Heroin is addictive and the body eventually develops a tolerance for heroin and eventually thinks it needs it in order to function properly. This is why when heroin is prohibited and kept from the body, withdrawal symptoms occur. Withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, inability to sleep, vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms, muscle and bone pain. These symptoms can occur a few hours after the last dose of heroin. Other more severe withdrawal symptoms peak around 48 to 72 hours after the last dose and can go away after a week. Sudden withdrawal by a severely addicted individual who is in poor health can result in death. This is why detox at a detox center is so important. The medical staff at a detox center is fully equipped to handle detox symptoms and can ease the process.

    Because opiate addiction and withdrawal is painful and dangerous there are medications available to help an addict withdraw and stay sober. These include Methadone, Buprenorphine, Naloxone, and Naltrexone, these combined with proper drug rehab rehabilitation can lead to a successful recovery from a heroin addiction.

    Heroin has a long history and has lead to many addictions and deaths. Aheroin addictioncan be deadly which is why treatment is so important.Detox from heroincan be difficult however if done correctly in a proper setting it can be accomplished a full recovery can be made and a new life can begin.


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