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    Drug addiction is a problem in a common problem in America, but prescription drug addiction problems are becoming just as severe. Prescription drug addiction problems are common because they're easy to obtain. Prescription drugs and painkillers can even be bought online these days. Prescription drugs are extremely dangerous, and just as addicting and destructive as illegal drugs. According to a study done in 2000, 43 percent of drug overdoses happen because of misuse of prescription drugs. OxyContin and Vicodin are two common prescription drug addiction problems in America. OxyContin can often be snorted, or injected with a needle from drug users. According to a report done by National Household Survey on Drug Abuse, 1 million citizens over the age of 12 use OxyContin as a recreational drug at least once. Vicodin has similar effects to heroin. These drugs are painkillers, which cause one to feel numb and drowsy. Vicodin has become one of the more addiction drugs, right up there with heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Vicodin has the equal strength of morphine, containing opiate effects. According to a study between 1998 to 2000, an increase of 48% of people were in the emergency room because of misuse of vicodin. 108% because of misuse OxyContin, and 63% of because of misuse of methadone. Not everyone who develops prescription drug addiction problems sets out to be an addict. Prescription drugs are highly addictive and need to be taken in precaution. One can become easily addicted to them, especially when misused. Painkiller addiction can cause the same health risks that illegal narcotics cause. Prescription drugs are illegal, when misusing them, or taking them without a prescription from a doctor. They are drugs after all, and should only be used for treatment. A 2007 survey done by National Institute on Drug abuse claims 15% of prescription drug rehab addiction problems comes from the use of high school seniors. Prescription drug addiction can change a person's demeanor, along with their physical health as well. Prescription drug abuse symptoms can sometimes be hard to determine. Majority of drug users don't obtain these drugs legally. However, if a patient has developed an addiction, sometimes it can be harder to determine if they need the pain killers or not. Opioid painkiller symptoms can include constipation, fatigue, depression, lack of activity, and mood swings. An opioid addict will be completely happy with using, then completely miserable when they're not.Tranquilizers drug abuse symptoms can result into drowsiness, along with improper judgment. Stimulants can cause insomnia, high blood pressure and irritability. Parents who have take prescription drugs should be careful with teens. Especially since most prescription drug addiction problems are common in teenagers, who get the drugs from parents. Keep a safe, or locked drawer to stash your painkillers. Keep a count of how many you have as well. There are prescription addiction drug programs. Just like drug detox, or drug rehabs. Prescription drug addiction treatment can be similar to drug and alcohol treatment. There are opioid, sedative, and stimulant withdrawal programs available. Rehab, therapy and drug support groups can be made available as well. Withdrawal programs look for safe ways to ease the withdrawal process. Alternative pain reliefFinding alternative pain killer treatments can be an option to consider. Especially if one has a history of alcohol, or drug abuse. There are a variety of home remedies, or other solutions for reducing pain. An acupuncture looks to stimulate nerves, muscles, and tissues. Ice is also a natural healer, and can reduce inflammation as well. Herbal supplements and essential oils can make great natural pain killers. Turmeric can be a very effective natural pain killer. Turmeric reduces inflammation in the body, and also has antiseptic and antibiotic properties. Turmeric is safe to take, and can be taken orally as a supplement. Essential oils can also be used to treat pain, but shouldn't be taken orally. Essential oils should be applied to the skin, or used as a vaporizer. Most essential oils tend to have antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Essential oils sink into the dermis. Essential oils can be strong, and its best to dilute when using. Some essential oils contain sedative properties. Effective essential oils for pain relief


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    The problem of drug addiction is posing a major threat to the modern society these days. In fact, the point is that these days the problem of drug addiction has increased to such an extent that there is no certainty who would be the next victim to the addiction of some sort of drugs or the other. Other than that, it is also essential to note that this addiction may sometime often result in being fatal or even may sometimes become incurable if necessary measures are not taken in time. In this respect it is essential to note that the problem of any sort of drug addiction not just only concerns the addicted but also does a good deal of damage to the family members as well.

    -image-However, if anyone in the family is found to be falling victim to any sort of drug addiction the best thing that can be done is to look for the inpatient drug rehab centers. The reason behind this that the best drug addiction treatment is best possible at some drug addiction rehab center. Now the fact is that for the best treatment for the addiction problems it is very much essential to make the proper choice of the addiction rehab center. And in this context there are several important factors to be paid proper attention to in order to get the best results in the drug addiction treatment.

    However, it is always better to make the choice of specific treatment centers in order to get the best results. Say for example in case of alcohol addiction problems the best thing that can be done is to choose an inpatient alcohol rehabfor the best alcohol addiction rehabilitation. However, in this respect the drug rehab centers in Florida worth mention for their specific treatment facilities and the availability of the best drug addiction rehab.

    Other than these while making the choice of the addiction rehab centers one of the most important thing that should be kept in mind is to gather proper information about the treatment facilities available there. In fact the point is that getting proper information about the treatment facilities offered by the drug addiction rehab helps a lot in your judgment of the choice of the treatment center. However, there are certain things that should always be kept in mind before making your choice of the drug rehab center. One of the most important things to remember in this respect is that not all addiction rehab centers can provide equal treatment facilities and a wrong choice may even have disastrous effects. In fact the point is that if you make the wrong choice of the drug addiction rehab it may even have more harmful effects on the patient and a failure at the rehab center can result in problems like depression and other such problems. And the most threatening fact is that a depressed patient may even develop suicidal tendency which is far more harmful.

    However, in this respect to make the best choice of the rehab center the best thing that can be done is to get the recommendation of your family physicist or from someone close who have already gone through similar problems. And it should always be kept in mind that with the proper choice of the drug addiction rehab you can provide the best help assistance to the patient.


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